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Woah, what?!

“What’s this?! A blog?! I can hardly believe it!”

No, no, I’m perfectly aware that most of you are probably just thinking, “Oh, she made a blog.” Ah, well. In any case, I had a rather empty, dull Saturday afternoon and so decided that instead of wasting it away doing either who-knows-what or attempting to find a who-knows-what to do, I should actually do what I mentioned I may do and start a blog.

So, what am I actually going to do on my blog? Well, I suppose I’ll post up news on my artwork and such as well as comment on any other interesting things that happen in my life. After all, a lot of very uninteresting things happen in my life, but more often than not I don’t post anything about them as I don’t want to spam up the forums (like someone who has been using them as a blog, which they most certainly are not intended for) or your messages on dA (which also is not intended to be used as a blog, correct?). Of course, I’ll probably still write about major things that happen there, but I’ll keep most of my regular old, everyday boring life here. I may also critique new games when I get them or share anything interesting I stumble across as I wander my way around the internet. I’ll try to keep the content of this blog at least somewhat interesting, at least.

Well, that’s about all I have to say at the moment concerning the many people I already know. For those that don’t, the name’s Eska, and I’m quite the gamer and artist. I’m not so much into shooters in general (with a small handful of exceptions, such as the Touhou Project or Starfox), but very much like adventure or rpgs, and am willing to at least try most games within reason. I grew up on Nintendo, but I am in no way a fangirl. As a matter of fact, I absolutely despise those disgusting blemishes wandering the gaming community. However, I will write about them at another time. For now, know that I am actually quite open-minded. I proudly support the strong points of Nintendo’s systems but will openly admit that they have weak points as well.

As far as art goes, I tend to draw in more of an anime or manga style, although it is quite my own style which I have worked on developing the past number of years. Although I’ve only been drawing people regularly for few years now (about the time I entered high school, in fact), I’ve drawn various animal or animal-like characters for much longer and so the style and quality of my artwork has undeniably improved over the years. Other than drawing, I also view and critique a lot of artwork on deviantART, where I also show most of my own (notable) work. Anyone who is sincerely interested in my work should see my deviantART page (Houkou-NRL). You may view all of my work even without signing in, but keep in mind that you may not post or otherwise redistribute any of it outside of deviantART, except via the sharing feature or otherwise a link to the page in question. I will not go into the reasoning of it here, but just follow this simple rule when handling my artwork and all will be well.

Moving on, I’m also on YouTube (LyzaraKitsune) and occasionally post gameplay videos for games I own or otherwise have played. In the past, this has mostly been osu!, although the games I’ve featured has been a bit more varied than just that.

I’ll cover most of my quirks (read: strange or not-so-strange mentalities) and activities independently later, but for now I would like to bring this entry to a close as it is already more than sufficiently long for an introduction to my blog and introduction to me. Until my next entry, have a fine time!


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