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Soul Silver has arrived!

It was only moments after my last entry was posted that the doorbell rang. I had just left to the kitchen to make my lunch for the day when the postman stepped to the door. I noticed him, and part of me just jumped with excitement (though I didn’t physically jump myself), as that part was certain that it had to be here. It had to have been less than a minute that had passed. The postman actually commented that I had answered awfully quickly, but then again, the house itself is not very big and I was barely across from the door when he rang.

In any case, I paid the customs on my package (which was actually just GST and a handling fee, both very standard fees) and signed for my package. My signature was actually pretty messy (compared to usual): I was excited, after all, but even moreso I’m used to writing on a solid surface (read: not a box). I’m very excited and am actually trembling as I type this. I never tremble unless I’ve had caffeine, and I haven’t had a drop of cappuccino for weeks!

So anyways, Soul Silver is here in a nice little box. This is day 18 since it was shipped. It’s late, but now I don’t care.

I will write up a full review on the game and its features later. For now, I have people to whom I must report to at school, as they know it’s been coming and how excited I’ve been for the game. That, and I have classes as per usual.


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