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Tasteless music listeners, and arrogant to boot!

This has been bugging me for a while.

It is the guys over at the Poltergeist Mansion who have introduced me (and many, many others) to the world of Touhou rock, classic, and even techno. And it is the rather new Lyrica Playlist that this concerns the most.

“This isn’t techno. This is electronic. Those Japanese think they can make techno, but all they come out with is electronic,” says one of my “friends” who, in the past, has shown me some techno he likes (which I ended up hating) and so I showed him the Lyrica Playlist. Well, guess what? They apparently can’t write folk either, but that doesn’t make it bad.

Now, let me clarify. I used to dislike, even hate techno. Why? Because I found it dull, boring, and I was in fact frustrated with the boredom. It would have all been very relaxing if it wasn’t so. With the coming of the third Poltergeist, however, things changed a lot. Myonbel’s choices were amazing. I have loved almost every one of the Lyrica uploads, with only a couple which have made me go “eh”. It is an amazing success that has changed my view of techno for the better. But accusing it of being “electronic”? I do believe that like rock and classic, techno is a rather broad category, including several subclasses (including electronic), is it not? And does that really make it bad? Of course not. My “friend” would not even listen to the first of Lyrica playlist for its full value and god forbid he tried anything else! Certainly, a good portion of what is on the playlist has an “electronic” feel to it in varying increments, but the variety of music in it is as amazing and wide as the Lunassa (rock) and Merlin (classic) playlists.

I said he had no tastes. He then refuted by saying that I have no tastes. There’s a very different base to the arguments though. He’s saying that I have no tastes for what I listen to, which is really very silly. He doesn’t even know what I listen to either, as he won’t give it a chance, and that’s where I argument sits. In my opinion, any music listener (or any of many other things, from playing games to watching shows, among other things) only has good tastes if they are willing to try something they normally don’t. Before Lyrica, I disliked techno, and I am still very wary of techno from outside the grand wonderland Zun created (Touhou, and Zun is the one-man-team who brought it to us). I am also not very fond of Western culture in general, as much of it seems quite shallow. You listen to the radio and it’s “same old, same old,” you watch television, and a large portion of animated shows are cheap and badly written while similar tends to hold true for much of the live-action media. Maybe not all is bad, but if you ask me, the Japanese takes everything we do, but takes it much farther. You listen to Japanese music though, everything there seems truly amazing. Maybe I don’t hear enough Western music, but that still wouldn’t cut off the fact that some of the best singers I’ve heard, best musicians, best composers are all Japanese. I don’t know about live-action in Japan but I do know that their cartoons are much nicer written and animated than many of ours, as well.

Anyways, I don’t actually feel like rambling on too much further… But anyone who isn’t willing to actually try the music another listens to should not at all be allowed to judge that person’s tastes. I will let one decide if they like a particular song or not or even a particular genre, but when they try to judge whether something is good or not, especially types of music, that is when I draw the line. I will listen to new music and decide, “do I enjoy this?” If I do, great. If I don’t, I’ll move on to the next thing I have to listen to. However, I never try to judge whether something is good or not… I only put things from my point of view and am very reasonable with recognizing conflicting points of view. It is the arrogant people who think that their view is right, though, that make me more angry than even the boring techno itself.

I will finish up by mentioning my opinion of a quote by a very good musician.

“The purpose of art is to create an emotional response in the person that is exposed to that art.” – Paul O’Neill of Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Music is indeed an art, and in my opinion, any great art is one that expresses energy and emotion, and this is especially true with music. I will enjoy almost anything with a lot of positive energy and emotion, and even anything expressing a lot of either will usually be a hit for me. I’m not very picky, now, am I? With that in mind, I think I’d like most of anything that’s truly worth listening to. Anyone who can say that something with a lot of energy and emotion written within its notes is bad without listening to it and its counterparts for their full value truly has no tastes at all.


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  1. You know what I dislike, and are starting to hate?
    Tecktonik dancers that think they can dance any kind of music like it is tecktonik. As well they don’t even know the difference between Tecktonik and Psychedelic and Techno

    Comment by Hector, ya know | February 8, 2010 | Reply

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