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New Moon in cinimas

Well, I just returned from seeing New Moon at the theatre. It’s okay. But really, I won’t give it any more credit than it deserves. That’s really all it was: An okay movie.

Right from the start, it failed to explain anything. It’s a sequel and nothing but: you are pretty much required to have seen the previous movie, which I haven’t, and so am still very unclear about a lot. During the view of what goes on near the end which you’re shown at the start: “Who are you, where are we, WHAT IS GOING ON??” After that, at the real start: “Woah, why is Edward so pale?” After it’s mentioned he’s a vampire: “Huh? But why is Belle dating him? She IS dating him, right? How’d they get together? And what’s with the mixed relationship with their peers who I assume are apparently their friends??” I still don’t know the answers.

Also, I have to side with the “vampires don’t sparkle!” crew. Their whole “fading away” effect or whatever is just lame. Edward himself is far too much of a pretty boy to come off as the…I dunno, angsty?…guy that he especially and some of the others seem to act. I might have liked the movie a little more if he wasn’t in it, in fact. He makes the movie, but Belle is the protagonist, which twists things up way too much considering his character.

Next, I’d like to mention Loron. “Who is he?! How does he know Belle? Who is this Valentina he works for??” I still don’t know, except for Valentina. I don’t even KNOW what happened to her, though. She dived off a cliff, appeared for a brief moment in the water when Belle dived in, and then was never seen again for the rest of the movie. She was only mentioned once that I noticed afterwards and her fate was left hanging in the air. At least I know Loron was killed, and at least I understand somewhat their motives for wanting to kill Belle, but everything else seems to just be thrown together. In fact, much of the plot seems thrown together.

I didn’t like the ending one bit. Jacob (Belle’s friend who supported her after Edward abandoned her, thinking it was for her own good) and Edward were about to face off, and Belle ran in the middle and said “You can’t hurt each other without hurting me!” Jacob was left with a sad face and ran off to who-knows where. Edward tried to negotiate with Belle because he didn’t want to change her into a vampire. “You must stay with me for eternity.” “I already said I would.” Then a long pause and “Marry me,” from Edward. Then, BANG! It’s over! Again, an awful lot was left in the air.

There’s a lot of other stuff I can pick on but it’s mostly the same thing. There were a few funny parts in the middle and a couple fights (though the only one worth watching isn’t even worth watching due to effects and lack of excitement, making the wolf chases and fights more worthwhile), but really, it’s all drama. And not really much drama of the right kind if you ask me. Alright for a movie, but I could have found much better ways to spend my time.


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  1. I watched it… because someone wanted to…
    Man, things we do for love…

    But Eska, don’t even waste your time trying to understand the plot; there’s none.
    Edward and Bella love each other, they say they can’t be together, they do it anyway.
    Edward and Bella want to fuck each other, they say they can’t be together, they do it anyway.
    They both are perfect and their life is so hard because… it’s too easy.
    Also, if you keep reading you will find Pedo-Bestiality… seriously

    Comment by Hector, ya know | February 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. The reason they don’t explain anything is ‘cuz the majority of people going to see New Moon have already memorized the book series.

    It’s meant to be like a fanservice, and they only sprinkle the plot every now and then so the fans can reread the book and say “They did it rong omg!!11!”

    Laurent (weird name, I know.) is part of the same clan as the vamp chick.
    I guess the only way to get the whole story is to either waste 20 bucks and buy the book, or talk to a fan of the series.
    I didn’t even want to go to the movie, but my mom (a huge fan of the books) dragged me along so she wouldn’t feel weird.

    Comment by Shinjuko | November 29, 2009 | Reply

    • Ahah, wow. That must hurt. I was brought along with family. I would have rathered stay home and watch, say, Bridge to Terabithia or something, though.

      In my honest opinion, fanservice really is a waste of time if it can’t stand on its own two legs. I’ve also heard from a few different people not infected with Twilight fanaticism that the book isn’t really all that amazing, so it’s not as though I really intend to read it either anyways.

      Comment by Eska | December 3, 2009 | Reply

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