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Stress build-up

You usually see a very limited amount of my stress released at school. Even online, I very much dislike letting out beyond my usual mellow self, and I also hate taking it out on everyone else. But I’ll be honest: I feel terrible. Absolutely, horrendously terrible. I keep breaking down at home under all the stress. Tonight has been particularly bad.

First there’s physics. We keep bringing up old concepts, and our teacher has a notorious habit for always standing in the way of the board, making it an incredibly frustrating task to take down our notes. The class has me struggling, but to keep my senses, rather than my marks, stable. Then there’s our stuff for our Teacher Adviser period, which in itself is stress-inducing and feels like a terribly unnecessary chore. A number of English assignments are also desperately in need of completion. English, at least, is the break from the major cause, physics.

Adding to the top of that is my computer, which is slowly dying and making even browsing the net frustrating. More recently, too, are issues with YouTube (further and as-of-yet unsolved frustration), and tonight, my foot, which is strangely in pain, making walking something I don’t want to do. My recent cough, caused by pollution lingering in the stagnant winter air, certainly isn’t cheering me up much either.

It’s two major classes and then one just thrown in… God, how can this be so bad? I’ve never had such trouble any other year before, even when having every period filled. I really don’t want to deal with it, though…


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