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We can be slow sometimes

Okay, so, I was listening to the following arrange this morning:

I actually requested this one, to be honest, and I’m quite pleased with Emiya’s choice, so I’ve been listening to it a fair deal the past few days. Well, as I said, I was this morning too, and had my sound quite loud so it could resonate through the whole house as I got ready for school (late).

Anyways, I just started up Firefox something like ten minutes ago. I had forgotten that I left the tab open when I closed it, so when I opened it up, I noticed it was still there. As the page was still loading, it didn’t really dawn on me yet… Eventually my gaze slowly moved over to my left speaker as it usually does (the left speaker is the one with the volume control, by the way), and even then it took a few moments for me to realize what would happen. It was still way up from this morning. I finally realized after a few moments that I was about to be blasted with some amazing piano right in the face, and quickly moved my hand to the speaker, when just then…

…Well, I’m sure you know the rest

Also, I just greeted someone who had posted on a shoutbox two hours ago, and only afterwards realized that they had posted so long before.


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