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Making a cosplay from the ground up is not so hard

Today, I began working on my cosplay for this year’s Otafest, which is a month away.

I’m starting with the skirt, since it’s the largest part of the costume. I have to move some stuff in my room out of the way first, though. I’ve cut a length from the full piece I bought that is sufficient for the first part I’ll be working on, since it’s just awkward handling the entire length of fabric. I’m working off of a pattern, but I think I may lengthen and widen the skirt a bit. It’s already too wide to fit on a lengthwise-folded sheet, so I’ll do myself a favor and fold it the other way now that I have a length that I can use. That way, I can also keep the fold on an actual fold while not having to worry about cutting too much off of the ends first. Really, I’m a person who likes to add a little extra and then just adjust later if I have too much.

Since I’m in my room, I’m working on carpet, which isn’t really the best work surface to pin and cut stuff on. What is nice is that I can quickly pin something down by just sticking a pin down through the fabric and into the carpet, which is handy enough.

4:27 – I’m getting quite hot and tired in this room of mine. I’ve long since opened my window, and thankfully there’s a nice, light breeze today to help cool things down. I have to adjust a couple things still, but I think I will take a short break and get something cool to eat first. The day is pleasantly cool thanks to that wind outside. Had I dressed in more appropriate attire for the weather, I wouldn’t have mind taken a short outing on my break.

5:51 – I’m taking another break. By this point, my legs are sore. However, I’ve nearly all the pieces for the skirt placed and adjusted as needed. The only ones remaining are pieces that I need to cut multiple pieces of. I’ll cut stuff out tomorrow, I think…

Honestly, I don’t understand why  some people might have trouble doing this sort of stuff, but then again, it comes very easily to me.

I will be going as Reimu Hakurei to Otafest this year. I know I haven’t mentioned that yet, so that’s why I’m doing so before I actually post this.


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