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Happy Birthday to me

It is a good day. It is my birthday. That said, it doesn’t stand out much beyond than distinction, though.

To this point, I’ve received wishing-you-wells from a few friends, family, and a acquaintances. However, there haven’t been any notable gifts yet beyond cards and monetary favors from some of my family.

However, there is something special that I will be giving myself today. Or rather, it is an effort that I will try to satisfy. My gift will be that I will stop being so hard on myself when I draw. I am simply notorious for being hard on myself, and it’s even very discouraging at times, so I would like nothing more than to stop it outright. I believe that by doing so, I will be able to enjoy my drawing again a lot more than I am at present.

Regardless of it being my birthday, I am still busy at work on my Reimu cosplay for Otafest. This has been the case for four years now, and in all honesty I don’t mind. I am making a lot of progress and see it as unlikely that I will need to rush to finish it, which also happens to be a lot of stress that I don’t have to worry about this year.

The only unfortunate thing is that my throat has been a touch sore today, but it’s certainly not enough to spoil this perfectly pleasant day.


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